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The Intro

Il s’agit de deux séances privées d’une heure données « one-on-one » par l’un de nos entraîneurs(es). L’objectif est de vous initier aux techniques de base en entraînement fonctionnel de façon sécuritaire et de vous assurer une progression efficace dans chacun de nos cours.

* Ces séances ne sont pas une obligation si vous vous êtes déjà entraînésdans un centre offrant des cours de Cross-Training auparavant ou si vous avez une certaine expérience en entraînement.

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Functional building

If you are fed up of your conventional “Jane Fonda’s butt lift” class, we offer a trendier formula, version 2020. No equipment, no mirror, only a trainer who coaches you during a one-hour session with other teammates. The menu includes a complete workout targeting the upper and lower body, large muscle groups, as well as the weaker muscles and an extra dose of abs and postural exercises!

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Feel the burn! Nothing more efficient than a traditional HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). We will take you to the world of cardio intervals with a good dose of strength training to target your booty and your abs while getting a good sweat. Perfect for those of you who want to start training, those who don’t want to lift weights and for those who want to get fitness ready for their favorite summer or winter sports!

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This is commonly called “Concurrent Training”, which means that in the same session you could be working on your squats with a barbell and end up with cardio intervals on the rower. One day you will short and intense efforts without weights and the next day, longer and moderate efforts with weights. You will also learn at your own pace, different bodybuilding, gymnastics, and weight training techniques. Welcome to the Cross-Training world!

* Before doing “Cross-Training”, for anyone who has no prior experience in functional training, we strongly recommend to start with the “Intro” class.

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The Vesti-Kids and Vesti-Teens

If you have a successor at home, this course is for them! For children between 5 and 10 years old, we reserve sessions where they will make obstacle courses, jumps, throws, balance and many others, all through educational games. For ages 11 to 13, we introduce them to the basics of functional training and cross-training.

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Ladies in pre or postnatal, we know how important it is to stay active for your health and for your baby’s health. We have designed a class specifically for you and it is tailored to your own condition. Come with your baby to the room exclusively designed for you, take some time for you and have a chat!

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The gymnasts

You want to learn how to do tumbles or simply make better use of the strength and stability of your trunk? This class is for you. Our coach who has many years of gymnastics under her belt will help you better understand how your body moves in space and how to best use it.

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The weightlifters

If you want to learn weightlifting, improve your technique or even compete, we have something for you. The weightlifting club “Le Grand V” is for anyone no matter what your age or current level is. Our classes are on Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 11am.

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