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CrossFit is a unique fitness program of its kind using constantly varied movements, performed at moderate to vigorous intensity, using different modalities of time. The exercises are called functional since they involve multiple muscles in one same movement. By practicing CrossFit, you not only improve your physical condition, you also become more efficient and in everyday life activities.

The objective

People who practice CrossFit work each week on 10 physical skills which are cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Each day your training will be different.

Our approach

Our approach focuses on the technical and safety training of all movements to ensure a progression and an adequate muscular and cognitive development. Our greatest strength is our team’s expertise. Our coaches will always take the time to give you an alternative to modify a movement for you and will always adapt the intensity according to your level.

Group class

You have the chance of getting a free trial ! Come try our CrossFit class every Monday at 7pm, Tuesday at 8am and Sunday at 10am. Get the vibe of our community to see if you like it !

Registez for a free trial for a CrossFit class !

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